31 January 2014

The examination session

How is your examination session going? I hope you don't have any problems. I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you good luck and great results. As for me, I'm very hopeful.

We've passed the tests, we can also pass the exams! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :)

Enter the Metro

Did you ever read a book which you couldn't leave while reading? Recently, after many suggestions, I've put "Metro 2033" in my library. Its size discourages, but the book is really interesting, so it isn't perceptible. The action takes place in the post-apocalyptic world in 2033. Precisely in Moscow, or rather underground Moscow. People live only in an atomic bunker. The biggest one is the metro in Moscow. In the Glukhovsky's novel we can see a social disintegration, a heroic fight for survival, but also a beautiful side of human - selfless help, honour, love. The novel raises various issues, but all of them are related to the entirety. The book shows that no matter how scary the world can become, we won't be here alone. If I've interested you, just "Enter the Metro". ;)

Military museums in Poznań

At the beginning of the month I've made a small tour. I visited some military museums in Poznań and I must say that I'm impressed. I started from the Greater Poland military museum on the old town. There is a huge exhibition of medieval guns and weapons. It is a two-storey museum, so there is a lot of space for exhibits. Later, I went to the Museum of Arms located in the Poznań Citadel. In front of the building there are some tanks. The museum is in the shelter which makes an exceptional atmosphere. There is a lot of military equipment, but the greatest attraction is the machinery park located above the museum. There are many tanks, planes and helicopters. If you are interested in wars, you need to go there.

It's cool to witness the history

Recently, we are witnesses of a new revolution in Ukraine. We can see how the government can't manage social changes. A peaceful demonstration of the Euromaidan has changed into the civil war before our eyes. We can observe how the forces of the Berkut fight with the demonstrators and how the protestors pass from defensive to offensive and occupy the government's buildings. On the other hand, the society associate and goes hand in hand with the units of Berkut against the Euromaidan. The country is divided. Nobody knows what could happen next and who will take advantage from it: European Union, Russia... No one knows, but certainly the Ukrainian citizens won't gain much.

21 December 2013

The Christmas Post

After a funny day of cleaning my appartment I'm going home tomorrow and I'm very happy that there is no snow - I have a chance to get home without any problems on the road.  At least a lot of free time and good food ;).

Today I've heard that the city authorities are for the pedestrian crossing in front of the City Center. But there is a funny thing - the President of the City is against :D. I'm curious how it is going to finish. 

Today, after my Christmas shopping, while I was waiting for a bus, I saw Rudolph red nosed car:

Apparently the driver has a sense of humor :).

I wish you a merry Christmas. And a happy... prepare :D.

10 December 2013

How the Hurricane Xavier paralysed Poland

I know that almost everything have already been said, that the meteorologists have analysed all of the weather aspects connected with that phenomenon, but I don't want to bore you with that. I'd like to share with you some of my reflections after all. Let's start.

I understand the Americans. I really do. They don't see the snow very often. The paralysed USA doesn't surprise me. But Poland? In December we always have a lot of snow and a strong wind. Why the snow, annonced with avance by the meteorologists, surprised us?

When I read that our railways are going to provide some tea for the passengers, I was amused. Why didn't they prepare their trains and tractions? Why a hurricane become a new reason for the trains to be late? Are they justified?

Last weekend proved that we can travel 9 hours instead of 3 and we have no right to be disgusted - after all, it was a hurricane!

Some people didn't have the electricity for even 3 days! The reason given by the media is that there weren't enough workers. Why didn't they hire some new employees for these 2-3 days...?

There are some things I can't really understand. But I'll bet that when the real winter comes, we also won't be prepared and our country will be paralysed without the impact of any hurricane.

And what about you? How long did you travel last weekend?

Palm House

I have already been to the Poznan's Palm House. It was an unusual experience for me, because I've seen such kind of plants for the first time. A majority of them came from Africa or Australia whose climate I really enjoy and I'd like to see it some day with my own eyes. And yes, it was a date ;), an aspect which made this visite even better. There was also a lot of rabbits because of an exhibition organized by their breeders. It was interesting to see that there are so many kinds of them, black, gray, red ones... Some of them were very big. And at the end of our visite we have seen some fish. Some of them were really beautiful, the others quite funny. And I've bought a little cactus. But apparently I'm a bad gardener because it doesn't look well, it's wrinkled... Clearly it IS possible to dry a cactus ;).

If you haven't already seen it, I encourage you to visit this place - it's beautiful.

^The ancistrus invites you ^